"I want to make sure you know the truth"

Will sent the following email to supporters earlier today, setting the record straight about his opponents' misleading attacks. 


Last week, fliers started showing up in mailboxes across the 39th District—making wild accusations about, of all things, my education plan. You may have already seen them.

They aren’t even remotely based in fact.

But that doesn’t matter to my opponents and her allies. The mailers claim that, if elected, I would “rob our schools and fail our children,” and actually suggest that I’m going to prevent our children from ever learning to read. It’s hard to describe just how over-the-top they are, but you can take a look at two of them here.

None of this is true—and it’s offensive that my opponents think voters are gullible enough to believe it. I'm writing to you today to set the record straight, and to make sure that you know the truth.

Education is an issue that’s close to my heart, and that’s why these mailers are so hard to stomach. I've consistently fought for more resources for our neighborhood public schools, and to give our kids a better chance. The Chicago Teachers Union and the Illinois Federation of Teachers endorsed my candidacy for just that reason, and when IFT president Dan Montgomery saw the latest Berrios mailers, he called them what they are—"seriously misleading attack ads."

The truth is that my opponent's plan for school vouchers would—according to the National Education Association—“divert essential resources from public schools to private and religious schools, while offering no real ‘choice’ for the overwhelming majority of students.” The fliers don’t mention that.

Unfortunately, we know that this is just the beginning. I'm sure we'll see more misleading attacks from my opponent and her allies over the next five weeks.

I knew what I was getting into when I decided to run to represent this district, and I’m willing to take what they throw at me—but I don’t see how filling mailboxes with these types of mailers helps our kids or our community.

We're not going to respond in kind. Instead, we’re going to continue talking to our neighbors like the intelligent, concerned adults that they are, and we’ll continue to focus on issues of substance. We’re going to show our opponents that that is how you win a campaign.

Because I am absolutely confident that voters in this district aren't as easily duped as my opponent seems to believe. Every voter I've talked to since this mail arrived—and everyone who talked to one of our 62 volunteers who were out knocking on doors in the snow this past Saturday—sees this for what it is: an election-season ploy to create cynicism and distract from the real issues.

If you're as frustrated as I am that politicians get to play fast and loose with the facts, here's what to do: join us. Help get the truth out to voters in this district by knocking doors or calling neighbors, or making a contribution so we can get our message out there.

And on March 18th, let's demand better politics.

Will Guzzardi

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