Toni Berrios's Claims About Will Guzzardi Just Aren't True

For weeks now, fliers have been showing up in mailboxes across the 39th District, making outrageous claims about Will Guzzardi and his positions.

We believe that discussing a candidate’s record is an important part of the campaign process. But we also believe that you deserve to know the facts before making a choice for State Representative or any other office. 


THE CLAIM ABOUT COMMUNITY SAFETY: Will Guzzardi “doesn’t believe dangerous sex offenders should be required to register with local police.” [Source: Mail from Citizens for Maria A. Berrios]


1. It’s not true. Will strongly supports Illinois’ sex offender registry laws. He has said so many times in public statements—for instance, he wrote, “I absolutely oppose any weakening of our state's sex offender registry laws.” [Will Guzzardi Facebook post, 2/15/14]

2. Check the source. Berrios’s claims come from a few words taken out of context from an editorial Will wrote for his college paper when he was a teenager. They in no way reflect any policy positions he has ever expressed as a candidate for public office. [Brown Daily Herald, “Jeopardy and a half,” 11/9/06]

3. Chicago Police endorse Will. The Fraternal Order of Police is endorsing Will Guzzardi because he’s the candidate who will keep our streets safe. []

4. Look at Berrios’s record. Rep. Berrios put our community in danger when she backed a plan by Speaker Madigan—who has contributed nearly $100,000 to Berrios’s campaign fund—to allow concealed weapons in our neighborhood and get rid of Chicago’s assault weapons ban. [The Pantagraph, 5/24/13]


“Guzzardi did not oppose using our tax dollars to fund charter schools that drain resources from our public schools and his plan would force our neighborhood schools to close.” [Source: Mail from Citizens for Maria A. Berrios]


1. Will wants more resources for public schools. Will supports increased funding for public schools, not cuts. He also supports a moratorium on all new charter schools. Will has spent the past few years fighting side-by-side with our community to keep Brentano Elementary open and organizing to pass an elected school board in Chicago. [Logan Squarist Q&A with Will Guzzardi, 2/5/14]

2. What Will actually wrote. This claim misleadingly cites the 2012 IVI-IPO Candidate Questionnaire as its source. In response to the question, “Do you support public funding for charter schools?” Will wrote: “If we stopped all public funding of charters, we’d be forcing them to close. I don’t oppose all charters across the board. I think that we need much stronger accountability measures for charter schools, and as a general principle, to support our public school teachers.”

3. Teachers unanimously endorse Will. Guzzardi is endorsed by the three largest teachers unions in Illinois, the Chicago Teachers Union, the Illinois Education Association, and the Illinois Federation of Teachers. []

4. Rep. Berrios has actively worked to take money away from Chicago public schools. Berrios was a lead sponsor of a voucher plan that would have taken away tens of millions of dollars from Chicago Public Schools. [Chicago Tribune, 4/23/10]

5. In 2012 Berrios was one of just a handful of “yes” votes on a failed bill that would have increased funding for charter schools. [Roll Call Vote, HB 4277 5/31/12; “Oppose HB 4277” CTU Blog, 5/9/12]


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