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We're a month into the primary election and we've collected over 500 petition signatures! Just 1,000 more to go before the deadline on November 30th.

As volunteer leaders and I are making our way through the 39th District, we are asking our neighbors to share a little bit about themselves, the issues they're facing and their vision for Illinois.

One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from our neighbors is about the city’s proposed property tax increase. Alejandro on Byron Street told me a familiar story, saying that it’s hard enough getting by as it is — he’s gone years without getting a raise at work, and he’s got rising costs of food, medicine, bills, and his daughter’s tuition to worry about. Alejandro’s not sure how his family will pay another $500 a year in property taxes on top of everything else.

Meanwhile, the Governor just announced a big new tax break to ConAgra, a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

As usual, working families are getting hit hardest, while the very wealthy and big corporations get more handouts.That’s why I’m fighting for a fair income tax and an end to corporate tax loopholes. It’s also why I’m fighting for an increase in the homeowner’s exemption — if the mayor wants to use the property tax to balance the city’s budget, we need to protect families like Alejandro’s from bearing the brunt of the cost.

When we talk to our neighbors at their doors, we're also engaging them in a conversation about what our government should look like--a government that works to protect working and poor families, not a corporation's bottom line.

Join us this Saturday, October 10th to help us continue to bring that vision to our neighbors and build the movement we need to make that vision a reality. RSVP HERE if you can make it Saturday, or sign up for a different shift here if you can't make it.

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