Become a Guzzardi Campaign Intern!

For too long, Chicago politics have been controlled by the same special interests and well-connected insiders. This is your chance to help change that. On Chicago’s Northwest Side, Will Guzzardi, a grassroots, independent Democrat is challenging the incumbent machine-backed State Representative Toni Berrios in the primary this March. This race is already receiving extensive city-wide attention, and our win is going to help spur a new era of progressive political action in Chicago.

We are seeking a select group of highly-qualified interns to learn and participate in the inner workings of our campaign — strategy, field, messaging, fundraising, and more. Will lost by just 125 votes last time around; your time with us will help us take the critical steps forward to close that gap and win this race.

What you'll get:

Experience in all aspects of campaigning. Learn how to run a modern, well-oiled field program; parse out micro-targeting; create messaging memos; conduct issue-based research; analyze data: you’ll see it all, and get to focus on whatever interests you the most.

Networking with Chicago’s political leaders. The campaign will be endorsed by aldermen, advocacy groups, labor unions, and more; you’ll get to meet those folks and learn how their organizing works.

Career advancement opportunities for summer jobs and beyond. You’ll walk away from this campaign with the experience and qualifications to work on campaigns at any level, a great Rolodex of connections, a well-publicized win on your resume, and a letter of recommendation from a future State Rep, which never hurts.

Face time with the candidate. Speaking of which, you’ll have plenty of structured and unstructured opportunities to talk to the candidate about what it’s like to be a young person running for office, how he got into the race, and what he plans to do when he wins.

Free food and fun at regular campaign social events. This should not be underestimated – we work hard in the office, and we have a good time when we’re done.

And course credit at your school.

We hope you are:

Resourceful and flexible. Campaigns require all kinds of skills, and we’ll be giving you opportunities to work in a wide range of fields. We hope you’ll be smart and adaptable, and view each week’s new challenges as exciting opportunities for growth.

Experienced. We’re not expecting you to have run your own campaigns before, but we hope that you’re passionate about politics / campaigns / organizing, and that passion has led you to volunteer or intern in some related field at some point.

Outgoing and sociable! A lot of your time will be spent canvassing door-to-door; we want you to be a people person who enjoys talking to strangers and presents yourself well.

Dedicated and committed. Strategy interns will be given considerable responsibility and self-direction on the campaign. We need you to be willing to put in the hours, and to push yourself to work hard while you’re with us.

Speaking of hours, we need you for 10 hours a week. This internship requires a Saturday commitment (12:00pm-4:00pm) as well as ONE other week night (Wednesday or Thursday TBA).

To apply, please send a resume and a short (250-500 word) cover letter to Thanks for your interest!

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