Will Guzzardi On Pensions

Progress Illinois covers Guzzardi's remarks to noted blogger Fred Klonsky about the pension issue. 

"I think any pension bill needs to address the fundamental problem: That it’s our state — not working people — that has failed to make its payments to the system. It’s not about lavish, unsustainable benefits; the system would be okay right now if Springfield had ponied up what it owed instead of taking payment holiday after payment holiday.

So our state needs to meet its end of the bargain with a long-term sustainable plan for new revenues. In my mind, that’s a progressive income tax and a financial transactions tax, the combination of which would ultimately lower taxes on most working families while raising enough revenues to start paying down our debt and pension obligations (and our grossly unpaid bills to human service providers and educational institutions, etc.)."

Read more: http://www.progressillinois.com/news/content/2013/09/04/guzzarrdi-comments-pension-proposals

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