Tackling Our Budget

Our government has a responsibility to provide for all of its citizens, not just the privileged few. We’ve been cutting our budget for years, and our communities are suffering. The most vulnerable people in our community are bearing the brunt of these cuts. It is time we created a budget based on our shared values of education, health, safety, and smart economic growth, rather than on budget cuts and austerity. We need a government that is fully funded and that provides for all the families in our community.

As State Representative, Will Guzzardi...

  • Voted for a budget that fully funded our priorities

  • Championed a progressive income tax

  • Continues to fight to put an end to corporate tax loopholes

  • Was the one legislator applauding for revenue during the Governor’s 2015 budget address

 In the News:

Calling out the Governor on his budget priorities