Small Business Letter

Illinois House of Representatives


To whom it may concern:

We are small business owners writing to offer our testimony in support of House Bill 4572. Despite what those who claim to represent us may say, we believe that non-discriminatory and inclusive business practices are good for our neighbors, good for our communities, and good for our businesses.

As business owners in Chicago and Cook County, we are already required by local ordinance not to discriminate against our employees no matter the size of our business. We haven’t found it unduly burdensome to comply with this law. In fact, it’s easy: we just don’t discriminate.

We also understand that even in the unlikely case of a frivolous claim against us, we’re protected by the process. A neutral arbiter will investigate the claim and, if it’s without merit, dismiss it out of hand — a process that is designed specifically to spare us the expense of litigating frivolous claims in court.

Moreover, we know from examples around the country and from our own experience that small businesses thrive when we are inclusive of everyone. When we welcome employees and customers regardless of who they are or where they’re from, we get to sell more products to more people. And we also create an environment that joins us to everyone in our community. That connection to community is what’s so vital and important about small business.

No business in Illinois, large or small, should have the legal right to discriminate. State law should provide every Illinoisan the same protections our workers have — it’s in everyone’s best interest. That’s why we support House Bill 4572.