Will's Laws

Below are the bills introduced by Rep. Guzzardi that have been signed into law.

100th General Assembly (2017-2018)

Creates the Student Loan Bill of Rights. Ensures that student loan servicers provide borrowers the best options for repayment, and creates the new office of the Student Loan Ombudsman to field complaints and assist students.

In the news:

"Student Loan Borrowers Protected by New Illinois Law" 11/8/17

Gives applicants to boards and commissions in the Executive Branch an option to include their sexual orientation, and will require the Governor to report on the diversity of those boards and commissions. This change will ensure better inclusion of LGBTQ individuals.

In the news: 

"A New Path to LGBT Power," 8/24/17

Allows farmers to sell a wider variety of fresh and homemade goods to consumers. Previously, individual farmers were held to the same regulatory standards as big food producers in the production and sale of most products; this bill creates a new standard for cottage food operations.

In the news:

"New State Laws Providing More Freedom for Farmers Market Vendors," 9/12/17

Landmark legislation reforming Illinois's asset forfeiture laws. Provides Illinoisans protections against having their property unjustly seized by law enforcement. Creates new due process provisions for forfeiture actions, ends cost bond, exempts small amounts of cash from seizure, and more.

In the news:

"Illinois Moves to Rein in Property Confiscation Laws" 4/9/17

Allows homeless Illinoisans to request and receive copies of their birth certificates without paying the customary $10 fee. Having one's birth certificate is a crucial first step to applying for jobs and for public benefits.


99th General Assembly (2015-2016)

Repeals the "Tampon Tax." Prior to the passage of this law, feminine hygiene products were taxed like luxuries, not like medical necessities. Thanks to SB 2746, no sales tax will be applied to the purchase of feminine hygiene products.

In the News:

"Illinois Legislature Approves Eliminating Tampon Tax" 5/27/16

Strengthens protections for non-citizen workers who have been victims of wage theft. Allows employees to recuperate their stolen wages even if they cannot present a Social Security number, ensuring that all who are legally entitled to their paychecks can claim them.

Provides transparency for parents and students around the excessive volume of standardized testing in schools. Requires districts to report to the state each year what tests they're administering, why they're using them, and what the scores will be used for.

In the News:

"An Important Step Toward Testing Transparency," 6/10/16

Protects the free speech rights of high school student journalists. Explicitly states the free speech rights of student journalists, regarldess of whether or not their publication is financially backed by the school, and protects faculty from termination for simply acting to protect those rights.

In the News: 

"Illinois Governor Signs Landmark Measure Protecting High School Student Journalists Against Censorship" 7/29/16

Allows Illinois residents the legal right to give instructions about their gender identity in wills or other public documents regarding disposition of their remains.

Renews and updates the Hearing Instrument Consumer Protection Act, ensuring the continued access to care and services for the hearing-impaired and bringing the law's licensing standards up to date.

Provides a more explicit right to privacy for mental health-related medical records.

Revitalizes the Illinois Comprehensive Housing Planning Act. Ensures that low-income communities, people with mental health challenges, and people with disabilities are considered in the state's comprehensive housing plan.