Good Jobs for All


Protecting Workers' Rights

Good jobs are the anchors of strong families and healthy communities, and the best driver of economic growth in our neighborhoods. To ensure a steady creation of good jobs, we must advocate for our workers. Right now, wages are too low and protections too few. It is time we provide the support our workers need through legislation in Springfield.

as State Representative, Will Guzzardi...

  • Was Chief Sponsor of SB81, legislation to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022

  • Authored HB432, a bill to erase the threshold for overtime to ensure that workers receive the pay they deserve

  • Is working for a solution to fully fund our pension system so that workers who were promised a decent retirement — and who often don’t receive Social Security benefits — can count on what they are owed

  • Supports paid sick time and family leave for all workers

  • Is fighting to strengthen and rebuild our unions

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